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Great Lakes-Northern Forest Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit

The Great Lakes-Northern Forest Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit (GLNF-CESU) is a network of faculty and staff from 34 leading academic programs, specialists from 11 organizations, and resource managers from 9 federal land management and natural resource research organizations.

The GLNF-CESU biogeographic region includes all or parts of 12 states, more than 30 percent of the nation's total population, several of the nation's largest metropolitan areas, and some of the nations most significant water resources and forest lands. All units transcend political and institutional boundaries and strive to improve the scientific base for managing public lands by providing resource managers with high-quality scientific research, technical assistance, and education. The GLNF-CESU seeks to resolve resource problems at multiple scales using interdisciplinary ecosystem studies involving the biological, physical, social, and cultural sciences. This web site is dedicated to enhancing communication with and among our partners.


GREAT LAKES-NORTHERN FOREST CESU MISSION: To conduct a program of research, technical assistance and education that involves the biological, physical, social and cultural sciences needed to address, manage and preserve Great Lakes Northern Forest ecosystems in a rapidly changing social, economic and environmental landscape.


Funding for Installation Energy Technology Demonstrations

(Environmental Security Technology Certification Program, Department of Defense)

Pre-Proposal Deadline April 2, 2015

Climate Funding Opportunities 2015

"State of Our CESU"
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